Honda Canada Class Action Lawsuit
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Thread: Honda Canada Class Action Lawsuit

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    Honda Canada Class Action Lawsuit

    Anyone else get their Honda Canada class action documents in the mail?

    Has anyone ever seen such a class action suit for motorcycles?

    It revolves around the speedometer/odometer being out 5%, and thus incurring owners artificial excess mileage on lease returns, as well as passing warranty mileage prematurely.

    I suppose since bikes have usually a single year, unlimited mileage, it's not really relevant... so, that might be the reason why.

    Just food for converation.

    How about a class action lawsuit for speeding ticket revenue claiming with a speedo out so much, nobody knows how fast they are truly travelling.


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    I got my letter today. No Honda bike, but for the two cars. I'm pretty sure that either way this whole thing doesn't really effect me seeing as how I don't lease and i do/did all of my own maintenance.
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    Motorcycle riders are more in denial about their speedos reading high than car owners. Look at the R6 thread by Phantom2005

    As mentioned, the lawsuit can't affect bikes as the warranty is unlimited k's.
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    which two cars?
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    i got the letters, only applies to cars.

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    I got the letter but dont even own the honda anymore!

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    i have heard reporting most are under 4%. appparently still within guidelines set by T.C.

    big deal. just some lawyer trying to make a name and get some money.

    although if it could get me off a ticket...

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