Payment From US Using Money Order - Your Experience
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Thread: Payment From US Using Money Order - Your Experience

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    Payment From US Using Money Order - Your Experience

    I have an item for sale that someone from the US wants to buy and pay for with a US money order. (I would prefer PayPal but they do not have an account.) I was wondering if anyone has accepted this mode of payment and, if so, what your experience was. How secure are they? Thanks.
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    Lots of fraudulent/stolen money orders out there. I wouldn't take it. Your customer doesn't need a paypal account to pay by credit card. Only you do.

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    Get them to use Paypal. Not like it takes a whole lot to sign up for an account. Probably less effort than sorting out a money order.

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    how much? just accept it and dont ship until is clears. should be within 10 days. if they have a problem with that, then find a different buyer.

    i have sent several mo's south, and this is standard practice.

    p.s. do your homework. i dont do small deals with people that dont show up on the internet somehow... as in addresses and phone numbers. i will always know where someone lives before i do business with them.

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    If they do pay with a US Money Order, make sure it's a Postal Money order (so you know it comes from a reliable source) and make sure that they draft an International money order or you'll be traveling to the U.S. to cash it.
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    I used to accept them and didn't have any trouble. That was in the days before Paypal, identity theft and rampant money order fraud though.

    Whats the item worth? If it's less than $50 go for it.


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    Hmm. No chequing account, so they can't give you a certified cheque. No Paypal account means they have no credit card.

    You're not dealing with someone batting 100% here financially methinks, and money orders are very easily forged.

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