What to look for when buyin a used bike???
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Thread: What to look for when buyin a used bike???

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    Question What to look for when buyin a used bike???


    I'm a newbie in the riding world. I'm looking to purchase my first bike and want to know what are the kind of things I should be aware of when I go to see a used bike for sale.

    Also do u recommend buying a new bike just to stay away from the hassell of buying a used one and having to fix it all the time(if somebody screwes me over)... Please give your best advise!



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    Get it checked at a shop for approx $100 if you dont know what your doing or to make sure. Rather lose $100 than buying a bike which needs repairs more than $100 =P

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    In addition to the mechanical check that you'll have a friend or mechanic do for you, be cautious of stolen used bikes. If buying from a private seller, your ideal scenario is to match the seller's name in their ID (BCDL) to the name on the registration papers, and the address on the ID to the address of the location where you're looking at the bike. Of course, not every seller who only gives you their cell phone number and is selling it for their brother and will only meet you in a public place is trying to sell you a stolen bike, but reducing the risk is helpful. And bring a friend.
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    Hopefullly it is clean when you are looking at it. Look closely at the frame for overspray from someone doing a quick repair job on a 'never been down bike'. Course if you take it in somewhere for a check they can tell you. Ive bought a few used bikes and never took one in for checking - guess I got lucky. I have a friend that bought a used bike from a dealer and it had a lot of problems so not all things are as they seem.

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    See the sticky post at the top of that forum.

    Also here's a direct link to the thread I started on just this topic a couple of years back.

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