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    Motorcycle Pet Carrier

    I thought the "roll cage like protection" was pretty funny, and is it just me, or does that dog look rabid?

    The whole things reminds me of some kind of midway ride from the 50's.

    Pet Carrier for Motorcycle - $395 (Maple Ridge)

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    Date: 2009-02-17, 2:11PM PST

    Road-Hound Junior Pet Carrier:
    Carrier is 24"Lx16"Wx17"H
    Dog size up to 21" body and 14" tall at withers and up to 30 lbs

    High quality unit with aluminum construction, offers roll-cage like protection,Spring loaded stainless steel hinges prevent annoying rattles. Lockable polished stainless steel latch.
    Side rails can be easily removed to allow your pet to enjoy the wind too. (We added sunscreen fabric to let the air flow through, but keep too much wind coming at our pup.)

    Mounting systems to accommodate a variety of motorcycles. Carrier can be shifted back to fit 2nd passenger. Fitted denim covered pillow with 1" foam padding. Paid $570 US (Texas company).

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    Acts like a roll cage .... While the animal is spinning like a gyro and bouncing off the walls.
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    For all those Paris Hilton wannabes who want to take their rat-dog with them to the local starbucks.... Because we all know that makes you even cooler when you sip your non-dairy, low-fat, chai-infused, soy, vanilla lattes .


    Where do I get one? :P

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    You could bring the whole CHIA pet family to Starbucks with you
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