Ride Report Squamish Feb 16th 2009
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Thread: Ride Report Squamish Feb 16th 2009

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    Ride Report Squamish Feb 16th 2009

    Me and buddy decided to ride up to Squamish for lunch yesterday and I thought I'd just throw a wee report up for any of you that might be stupid enough to think the sea to sky highway would be a nice ride. Well I reckon we're into it for around $200 million at present and its no where near finished. There's lots of dust and gravel and single lane slotted areas that you can enjoy, and enjoy you will because for about 80% of the way you'll only be going about 30 miles an hour. Oh and please be sure to keep an eye out for the tax collectors, although we didn't see them I'm quite sure they're around. Murrin Lake is still frozen but when you get get up ther the pub is nice and warm and the foods good. A pretty good day by all accounts.
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    I miss the old days (pre-construction)......I can't believe its still fubar

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    I drive to Whistler for work on a regular basis. It's a pretty monumental project when you consider that whole rock faces and 1/2 mountains have been removed. I actually think it looks like it's going quite fast. I now just budget for a 2 hour drive, play some music, and relax through the trip.

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