Reading a tire sidewall - how old are wholesaler tires
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Thread: Reading a tire sidewall - how old are wholesaler tires

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    Reading a tire sidewall - how old are wholesaler tires

    There was some discussion on another thread I started about the "rumoured potential" for getting old & inferior tires from US Wholesalers.

    I just picked up 8 tires today in Blaine. All ordered from SW Mototires, and I thought I would check the manufacturing date of the tires.

    I went to the Metzeler websete to check on reading a sidewall

    and looked up the manufacturing date of my new tires. All of the Metzeler tires I bought had either 3908 or 4108 stamped in the sidewall.

    These tires were made the 3 week of September 2008 or the first week of August 2008

    The Continental TKC 80's (3) had a date code of 4108 and one rear (odd size for a KTM 990) 39/07 or 3rd week of Sept 2007.

    It was an interesting exercise in the age of tires sold and it appears that all of the tires in my order were less than 18 months old.

    So another myth put to rest
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    good info.......question is how old should a tire be before its no good? assuming it has lots of tread left.

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    "This date is important because rubber deteriorates with age. A tire that's been in service for five or six years should be replaced regardless of tread depth. Cut a year or two off that for vehicles that are not garaged during the day or are run in areas of high ground-level ozone."

    I've read the 5-6 years for bike specific tires too.

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