Beringer brakes get better...
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Thread: Beringer brakes get better...

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    Beringer brakes get better...

    What was already the best brake system in the world imo just got even crazier better...
    The system is now called "inboard braking system" from Beringer. This system is more often used in the aircraft industry with its advantages, have a look!

    -3 times less inercia
    -500 grams lighter
    -20% greater braking power

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    It's a marvel of engineering
    Inboard Braking has been used on Jaguar's for a long time. On the E-type
    and XJ's. It usually sucked monkey butt to service these. Be-it for regular maintainance, or because the heat generated by the discs would cause a rapid deterioration of the inboard axle seal and leak fluid onto the rotor and thus becoming a hazard.
    Hopefully Beringer makes a vented rotor and hub for the sumo's to use, which should disipate the heat better and give you a better braking system.
    But that being said,... are sumo's worked that hard for that long to generate the heat required to cause any sort of warpage or heat damage in general to the wheel hubs'!?

    For a regular wheel setup on a street, track, or race bike there is usually some airflow around the rotors to help disipate heat to the atmosphere isn't there!?
    Not that this design couldn't be improved alittle, but where does the heat ultimately go? Would it be through the hub to the wheels. Does it help the tires heat up and become 'more' sticky in colder weather!!!!!?? My guesstimation on that would be no.

    But, I've just finished a starbucks and it's after 1am. I'm feeling long winded, and still going to be up for a while. Or atleast until my crown royal XR sleep aid kicks in.

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    It sure would make it a helluva lot easier to clean your front wheel!
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    If you do some googlin there are quite a few good images of this system. Looks kinda interesting. Dare I say it's much like a mini Buell style hahaha. (More like Eric saw an aircraft brake system and got a good idea).

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    My old 1984 Honda VT250F had an inboard disc brake... pain in the ass!

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