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Thread: my pet seagull

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    my pet seagull

    we're not allowed pets in the building and i'm a big animal lover so when i saw this guy land on our balcony in the summer i was quick and careful to start growing a bit of a relationship with him.. which basically means i give him food and he eats it. anyway.. he's pretty tame now. he eats out of my hand on a rare occasion and spends almost his entire daylight routine sitting on the balcony.. pecking at the window for food and fighting off other seagulls

    with a healthy diet of pickled herring, sashimi, popcorn, bread, tuna steaks(leftovers) and other stuff (he doesn't like jalapeno peppers) he is a pretty big bird compared to all the others and they pretty much leave him be although sometimes we get some challengers

    anyway.. his name is Handout and here are some pics

    and a lil vid of him snacking

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    That's awesome, looking past the fact that it's a "shit hawk" they are actually very intelligent birds.

    When I worked at a steel mill on the Island there were quite a few regulars, and a lot of them had nests and chicks on top of the mill. They were pretty tame towards people and knew where to go for lunch and at what time.

    We had one that never changed from Gray to white and had the fucking best hair-do ever, his name was "Shitty".

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    My what?
    Ha Ha, I was going to make a "shit hawk" comment too, but good for you for finding a way around what I consider to be a stupid rule. Enjoy it while you can and when this one has moved on, do it again.
    I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you.

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    Thats sooo awesome. My ex and I did the same thing with a squirrel a few years ago. Started leaving peanuts for him, until he finally figured out we were friendly. One day, we look out the window, and see this little grey head staring at us, and clawing the windowsill. I get up, walk outside, and there he is, sitting on the front deck, waiting for peanuts. Just like your gull, he got pretty big, healthy looking by the time we finally moved away.

    My ex's father had a family of skunks that used to come and hang out in the garage with him, too.

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    That's cool.
    Playing in the twisties!

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    Hahaha, right on man, love it. Thanks for sharing

    I've always loved shithawks. No matter where I see them, always reminds me of the ocean

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    When I livid in East Van I used to see these hungry little hookers standing out in front of my door...

    ...oh wait, that's another story.
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    Incantation, you are my new hero lol. Amazing

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    i worked at a fishing lodge in rivers inlet in 1985, we had this old bald eagle
    (litteraly bald) unable to fend for himself hang out at the resort. we named him iggy and we fed him fish scraps from the cleaned fish. he would sit on your shoulder while you were cleaning the fish and patiantly wait for his piece.
    after a while he got so tame you could handle him and he just played along.
    iggy was one of the highlights of the best summer i ever had.

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    Cool story , David Suzuki would be proud , ..........My son enjoyed the video of Handout eating
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    Awesome... Can't wait for more Handout videos

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    Onions? Awesome
    "Yamaha" - it's Japanese for "fuck your sports car."

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    Good for you. It never hurts to show some compassion for our fellow creatures.

    As for shit hawks, well I love seagulls myself. As a kid I read Jonathan Livingston Seagull and to this day the sight of a gull in flight stirs my soul. I just re-read it a few months back and that book still hits a cord.

    Keep it up and let us know how things go.
    Stefan Medlicott
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    That's awesome! A friend of mine who lives in my building does that with crows and generations of them have returned to greet her everyday for handouts. About a dozen of them follow her when she walks to work every weekday.

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