Scaphoid Protection in Gloves?
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Thread: Scaphoid Protection in Gloves?

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    Scaphoid Protection in Gloves?

    Does anyone know of any other gloves that have a scaphoid slider in the palms. The only ones i've seen with this style of armor is the teknic Speedstar. I will likely buy these from a US website, but the best price I have found is in a terrible colour.

    If anyone knows of another glove with the same level of proctection for the palm (in a gauntlet style) please let me know.

    Link to a review of the Speedstars

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    I believe alpinestars was one of the initiators in incorporating a level of protection for the scaphoid and now most brands do have models with good soft protection but Teknic is the only one I've seen with hard protection.

    I will say that, in my opinion, well-constructed soft padding does a good job of abrasion resistance. Plus keep in mind that those hard bumps might be annoying at times, limiting hand positions. On a straightaway in the middle of a day-long ride it's nice to temporarily adjust your grip in all kinds of directions and the plates might inhibit that a bit.

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