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Thread: Short Torso - Back Protector Suggestions...

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    Short Torso - Back Protector Suggestions...

    Options are limited for gear yet at the few bike shops on the mainland that are within an hour away... but was wondering for those of you out there who bother to wear a back protector, and have a shorter torso like me, what brands are you using?

    I mainly ride with my full one piece leather suit on - and if not I've got a leather jacket and jeans on... my leather suit has a bit of room to spare but I'm looking for something fairly thin. When I bought the suit it fit literally like a second skin around the middle, but has bagged out a bit since, with a season on the street and a few track days use out of it.

    I probably won't be needing anything 'track-savy' this is just for my own protection for long bike trips, highway speeds, that sorta thing.

    At the mo, I'm looking at the Alpinestars Bionic back protector, has a kidney belt as well as shoulder straps which I hear come in handy as they prevent the back protector from sliding down as you're putting your suit on. Anyone use this particular one? How tall are you and how's the length suit your torso?
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    Haven't tried that one in particular, but I did pick it up to look at it. Just wanted to say the quality looked top notch and looks like it would put a up a good fight in a spill.

    I went with the icon vest myself, but that won't work for everyone. I wanted a bit of protection for my chest, I just have bad images of the handle bar or tank getting jammed into my sternum. I know the Icon vest doesn't have that much on the chest, but something is better then nothing.

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    Helimot TLV, they custom make them in a number of sizes for different length torsos.

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    RS Taichi flex back protector. One of the more comfy ones out there

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    get forcefield or joe rocket brand !! they are certified back protectors.

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