Infraction for Eurogirls: Spammed (Obvious)
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Thread: Infraction for Eurogirls: Spammed (Obvious)

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    Infraction for Eurogirls: Spammed (Obvious)

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    User: Eurogirls
    Infraction: Spammed (Obvious)
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    hi. I am sorry that I write is not on.
    but I am denied access to the Internet. And is only available to the site.
    My name is Olga. I am now in France. I work in escort agency.
    Here is my photo -
    But my agency fails to avoid
    inaccuracy when located my profile. I need to edit my profile but I do not know how to do it.
    Help me please.

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    I think you're being too harsh Kent. I'm sure Olga is a very nice girl and she's just asking for a little help

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