WTB: Yamaha R6 , R1, Suzuki GSX-R 600 , 750, 1000.

I'm looking for a bike just to kick around with in the summer. Sold my bikes 2 yrs ago, going to start riding again.

Price range $5000-$6500 depending on yr and condition

looking for something 2005+ (but will consider older yamahas)

looking for a quick sale, hence low price. If you have an emotional attachment to your bike , dont' bother replying. I'm only looking for those sellers who just want to dump their bike quickly and willing to sell between wholesale and market retail price.

no liens, no rebuilts, no race bikes, no lowered bikes.

PM me whatcha got, Moneys ready in the bank for any serious sellers that want to dump their bike quick that want to make a bit more than a trade in, but less that what market price is (aka overpriced market). I got a sweet tooth for yamaha's and suzukis since i've owned 2 of these myself in the past.

Vancouver/lower mainland sellers preferred unless we can arrange some smok'n deal if you live in the interior/island (I rather not travel).

No gear needed unless you have some new stuff unused (medium helmet, medium gloves, size 10 sidi boots etc, 2 piece suits)

(buying used gear is like wearing someones sweaty used underwear, no thx)

safe riding