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    Question Export bike to USA

    So last year everyone talked about importing bikes from the USA.

    Now with the Can-$ exchange rate the way it is (1US$ = 1.29Can$) it almost makes sense to do it the other way.

    Looking at the adds here and in Seattle it seems like prices are pretty much one to one. That basically means you can get 30% more out of your sale. Seems worth it.

    Does anybody have any experience with that (car or bike)?? Are there any problems exporting a vehicle into the US??

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    good luck selling south of the border.all i`ve seen is people selling off at firesale prices.if you have a real rare or collecter type bike you may have a chance ,but run of the mill stuff i`d doubt you will see any intrest

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    Ya, I remember looking into this a while back, and it's a major pain in the ass for a US buyer....red tape galore.

    As sprinter mentioned, unless you have something extremely unique, don't count on anyone south of the border wasting their time with private sales.

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    There can be substantial problems with EPA regulations.

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    I used to have friends sell gray market Gammas to the states back in the 80's. Otherwise, with Canada being only 15% of the market compared to the States, it makes no sense to sell Canadian bikes stateside unless it's a motorcycle that would otherwise not be available to American buyers (like my MT01 incidentally). And the only reason bikes in Canada don't make it to the states is EPA regulations (like my MT01 incidentally).
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