best credit card for aeroplan points
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Thread: best credit card for aeroplan points

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    best credit card for aeroplan points

    my mom is looking to get a different credit card and she would like to get one that gives you aero points so she can fly places for free or use points to discount the cost of the flight.

    i dont think she wants AIRMILES, she said she wants aeroplan miles or something.

    i have no idea about these cards, if anyone of you have one or know of them, please chime in. share the details if you know them, fees, points per dollar etc.
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    Dunno, maybe check out RBC Avion Visa? I think they have some sorta promo right now about getting 15000 free points to sign up, I remember reading the leaflet...

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    I've heard a fair amount of buzz around the Avion Visa, just mentioned.

    CIBC Aerogold VISA is known to be good as well.

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    My TD Canada Trust Gold Visa turned in to a Travel Elite Visa or something like that, I'm not sure why they did that but in any case that's what I have.

    It works like this: You accumlate points for purchases, and they have a dollar value. You can spend them on the TD Canada Trust travel site, like a travel agency. You can rent cars, hotels, get full packages, just airfare, cruises and all those sorts of things. If there's something they don't have listed, I believe you can just call in and they will go get it. There's no black out periods or restrictions. You can use any number of points for any purchase and make up the difference from the credit card.
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    I have the RBC Infinite Avion and it is pretty decent; you basically get 1 RBC point for each dollar spent, and then you can apply those points towards travel or other stuff. Some cards are 1:1 dollars to points, some are 1:1/2 or worse but check them all. I need 65,000 points for a return flight to Europe, which essentially means I need to spend 65k in real cash to get that trip. It's easy to use, no blackouts, just find a flight, call the travel line and give them the flight information, and done deal.

    Whatever you get, take advantage of the bonus points for signing up to accumulate points quicker. And here is a site that may help you out: Travel Rewards Comparison
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    Alaskan Airlines.

    Generous points plan, few restrictions unlike the canadian counterparts, and as an added bonus, 50$ companion fair certs every year. Meaning buy one ticket at whatever price is posted at the time, get a second for $50.

    If you really want to do some research into it, sign up at and start digging.
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    Check out the new Infinite Avion with RBC. Has all the same features and benefits of regular Avion, is the same price, (120 per year), plus unlimited out of country/out of province medical coverage. Requires a higher family income for qualification, amd ,minimum limit is $10K

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    I have the Infinite Avion with RBC. It's known to be the best "travel benefits" card available right now due to its flexibility in airline choice. I have a 1:1 point:dollar ratio on it, but I pay 120 a year for that ratio. Otherwise, it's 2:1 ratio.

    I believe Aeroplan is Air Canada only? CIBC has the Aeroplan Visa if your interested. You can have Aeroplan with out the Visa, the Visa just works with Aeroplan.

    Link to the information. The best thing you can do is simply visit each bank site and read up on the cards.
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