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    RMR Suspension

    SV1000S shock.

    Thanks Rod for exceptional service at RMR Suspension.

    He was very helpful on the phone. Just couldn't afford the Ohlins.
    I was thinking of revalving the OEM Showa shock with RACE TECH gold valves. Rod told me that it was not worth doing. He said that the shock may not perform well when the bike was being pushed hard. It could cause some unforseen problems. In general its very tough to get the valving correct for your needs on the Race Tech valves. The shock may have to be dissasembled many times. By that time and expense it would be better to go aftermarket. So I decided on an extra 1 Kg/Nm on the spring. A little below what was recommended but I want the bike for Sport Touring and long hours in the saddle. Didn't need a spring pounding my back.

    I had a few ? to make sure things were done properly. The Race Tech spring is 1 " shorter then stock and a larger diameter. The collars would not fit properly. Would the damping support the extra Kg of spring firmness. Could I get the oil changed and have the Nitrogen refilled.

    We talked about the varying dimensions of the spring and Rod drew me up sketch of a spacer that I needed to make. This will ensure a proper fit and that the preload collar can be used correctly. He placed the shock on a Dynamometer. The rebound control worked well, but not alot of compression damping. Yes the damping will support the heavier spring. An improvement but not perfect. He dismantled the shock and showed me the condition of the components and the oil. I have 50K on the bike. So now I know the condition of the components and how the shock is assembled. Fresh Motul Oil and Nitrogen psi set.

    He placed the shock back on the Dyno and looked at the improvements. We couldn't quite compare it to the original data as Rod did not save the info. You could see a slight improvement.

    Hopefully the rear suspension will be firmer and controlled when I go to use it. Rod explained that it would not be perfect, but should be an improvement over stock.

    I'm thinking of respringing my DRZ and having RMR revalve them.

    Here's to Rod at RMR
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