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Thread: Helmet law on ski hills?

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    Helmet law on ski hills?

    As a group of people that deal with helmets, what's your thoughts on ski/snowboard helmet laws?
    After N.Richardson's accident the ski hills in Quebec may require it.
    Currently the local terrain parks have it as a requirement, what do you think about the whole mountain?

    I don't ski with a helmet I used to go in the terrain parks all the time before they were helmet mandatory.
    Now I don't bother to sneak in helmetless to play there.
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    I still don't ride with one, but it seems i'm in the minority now. I hope they don't make it mandatory as I don't really don't have any intention of buying one in the near future. I stopped riding in the park too around the time they made helmets mandatory, but that wasn't the only reason.. I was getting older and couldn't take any more bad falls on the packed snow, so I started looking for softer more natural hits.
    I've got no excuses really, and perhaps I should consider a helmet because it's this kind of thing that's scary.. I've hit my head hard so many times doing stupid stuff and yet never had a problem.. while other people have died from what seems to be a small impact..makes me think as I actually have reasons to look after myself these days.
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    I don't think it's right to require everyone in the sport TO HAVE TO do anything. As unfortunate as it is, stuff happens and we cant physically live forever.

    Personally, I choose to wear a helmet which is all my perogative and i've plowed my head into the hardpack more than i'd like and am still mostly functioning. That said, I do sometimes ski/board where others don't or wouldn't venture.
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    I used to put in a 90 days a year on the mountain with no helmet when I was younger and helmets were just gaining acceptance and it only took one real bad fall on ice in a full tuck to change that. Now it's like when I go mountain biking. I don't even think twice about a helmet.

    For kids they should be mandatory. IMO
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    My kids wear them but I never have even though I've been thinking about getting one. That said I absolutely don't support a mandatory law, what's next helmet when you go for a walk!!
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    I wear a helmet on days that i'm pushing it in the park. When i'm just out for a little rip I don't bother with it most the time. I'm also on ski patrol on one of the local hills and only wear a helmet half the time. I'd say it's a great idea for any ability level, especially beginners, but as law? no thanks
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    I've hit the back of my head on ice / packed snow enough times to know why I have a helmet . All times were while I was wearing the helmet, and all times hurt as hell. No helmet = I would have had a concussion every one of those times. Very worthwile $60 investment.
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    If it was just an average person that this happened to, you wouldn't even have heard about it.
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    Play hard, you pay hard. I've broken a helmet crashing my downhill mountain bike, splitting it. I've clipped a few trees snowboarding and I usually take some big risks, was a perfect fit to get a new lid for that. I buy a new M/C helmet every 6 months it seems....

    I don't think it has to be mandatory even for M/C in my opinion. Freedom to choose. I choose not to steer a wheelchair with a straw....Helmet please.

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    I always wear a helmet, whether I'm skiing or snowboarding... I've broken both my wrists (separate times) snowboarding.

    Last year some friends and I were messing around in the terrain park. We all wear helmets. One of my friends tried a 540 and ended up landing on his head. Who knows what would have happened if he wasn't wearing his helmet.

    Why risk it? They aren't uncool, this isn't skateboarding.

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    pretty soon it'll be mandated that all good citizens be required to wear helmets simply to sit on the toilet and wipe their asses ...

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    Terrain park? Yea. Regular runs? No. If you are in control and not doing tricks, you shouldn't need a helmet. If you are doing tricks, you should be in the park. If you don't know what you are doing and can't stay in control, you need to slow down, take a lesson, stay on the bunny hill or get off the damn mountain. I've had friends whose day was ruined by some out of control beginner on a run too challenging for them.

    While I am adamant about wearing my helmet for riding my bike, I feel that helmets for boarding/skiing (except small children) only encourages reckless behaviour in controlled areas.
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    Let's say YOU are Rossi, riding your bike on the street, just cruising around casually, enjoying yourself. Suddenly, a cat/dog/cracked-out panhandler on a Rascal/hairy-legged vegan cyclist jumps out from between two parked cars. YOU are Rossi, yet even you and your sublime skills can't stop or avoid this one.
    BAM! You're down, and your head bounces off the pavement ... but luckily, you're wearing your helmet (AGATT, right?) and you're fine.

    So how is this different on the mountain? You're cruising around, being all smooth and graceful, executing your perfect expert telemark turns because you've skiied since you were in the womb ... and some douchebag on skate skis comes pirouetting out of the trees right into your path. Snow is soft, but not that soft.
    Or you're in some pow, catch a tip, and ninja-star right into what looked like a soft snowghost - only to find it's a stump or a rock covered in snow.

    The irony is killing me... helmets for bikes=good. Helmets for the hill=Only if you're an extreme rider.
    Cmon ... being on the mountain can be dangerous due to factors not in your control.

    I actually kind of agree with PeeWee, but some of the arguments people are making are hypocritical and somewhere between ludicrous and plaid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by almost_barbie View Post
    While I am adamant about wearing my helmet for riding my bike, I feel that helmets for boarding/skiing (except small children) only encourages reckless behaviour in controlled areas.
    Case in point. Helmets encourage recklessness? What, the helmet makes them think they're indestructible?
    The guys that go fast in the learning areas are going to go fast, regardless of what they're wearing. It's attitude, not gear.

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    rode a rail once. Came off backwards landing on the back edge of the snowboard. Smashed my head HARD - full stop at speed.

    Bought a helmet the same day, won't go without it since.
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