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    Economy Stuff and Junk

    I watched the 8 part series, but found this particular segment very fun to watch.

    Peter Schiff debates with Bull in 2006 about coming economic correction. The fun part is that we are in the midst of it now, potentially only the beginning, and the Bull in this clip represents what 90% of peoples attitudes were over the last few years. It's interesting just how relevant his lecture is now.

    Watch the entire series for a great lecture from Peter on the economy in general. Remember this is back in '06. You remember 05/06? To the moon times?
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    Peter Schiff is from the Austrian School of Economics and has been dead on except for the dramatic rise in the US$ which is caused by massive global deleveraging. It looks like the US$ may have just peaked and is ready to resume its fall.

    Here is a great series that is a must see if your interested in this stuff. It will disgust you how the fiat $$$s are created out of thin air in a massive ponzi scheme.

    It takes over 3 hours to go through all the chapters.

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