Wanted! Yamaha PW50cc mini bike for my NIECE !
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Thread: Wanted! Yamaha PW50cc mini bike for my NIECE !

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    Wanted! Yamaha PW50cc mini bike for my NIECE !

    Hey guys and girls !
    I'm from montreal and I finaly found a good Canadien based forum really active with alot of members ! There's nothing like that here! The bike scene seams to be really healty here !

    With that said. I'm looking for a used Yamaha Pw50cc mini bike as a gift to my little niece! It's a perfect first bike for a kid to start at a really young age. I would put training wheels on it to! See the picture for an exemple! I would consider other brands to.

    The thing is that they are really hard to find used over here. I didn't find anything beside's really recent one's at an expensive price. I've been checking in the USA to, but to expensive over there with the exchange rate and everything, it dosen't worth it.

    So I'm turning to you fellow Canadien from the West coast to see if you can help me find something! It can be any year and any condition, everything ca be fixed ! It can be easly shipped to Montreal, since it's not that big & that heavy, by ground or even by air if your near an airport( I have a deal with Air Canada Cargo).

    So let me know if you can help me !! Thanks !
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