Spotted my first bike of the season
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Thread: Spotted my first bike of the season

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    Spotted my first bike of the season

    Ha Ha. In Edmonton. Yes, as I well know a lot of you bastards have been riding for a couple of months already. Yes, I do love B.C. and hate Alberta.

    Well, our snow is finally melting (significantly), and the main roads have been clear for a couple of days. It was +3 today (like +10 B.C. standards), and I saw a guy on a 98-00 R6 while I was driving to work.

    It got me very excited. Heart rate jumped a good amount. Kept a smile on my face all the way to work. The good weather is coming!!

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    Move out of the sticks !! Although the same could be said of us too - Cali looks good this time of year Good weather's a coming ... supposedly.
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    Haha I went on my first ride of the year in early January, there's a lot of things wrong with the lower mainland but at least the weather isn't terrible compared to most of Canada
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    I seen a couple guys in valmont on thursday and it was jus abouve 0 bur
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