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Thread: Need advise on a new phone

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    Need advise on a new phone

    Just lost my Blackberry pearl. I liked it and some of the features, BUT the piece of poop would never ring more than 2 times, So I always had it on my seat so I can catch the calls. The other day it fell out of my truck, so I put a nice rubber cover on it and today it must have fallen out when I got out of the car and didnt hear it fall cause of the nice rubber cover.

    Now do I replace it? or get a Curve or Storm? of is there another good phone I should consider.

    I could live with a basic phone that rings and text messages. But the BBM, internet, GPS, Email and camera features are nice.

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    love the my blackberry storm. No wifi though....
    great camera, new touch screen technology yadada.

    Keyboard might be troublesome at first if you're an avid iphone user.
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    I went through a similar process about 6 months ago. Thinking of an iPhone but Rogers reception sucks where I am and the iPhone plans were cost prohibitive (they have come down a bit since). Flowrider steered me towards some cell oriented forums and recommended the Blackberry Curve. I ended up negotiating a really good deal with Telus. Been a customer for a long time so I leveraged that. Happy with the Curve. It has a REAL keyboard with a tactile feel. The Blackberry email client is quite good. The rest of it blows donkey balls IMO. Really it does. The internet browser?! Come on it is a POS through and through but you know having email in your pocket, at least for me, has been one of the best business moves I have done in a long time.

    The Storm (sorry AlphonseElric) got absolutely trounced by They pretty much have just bootstrapped the existed Blackberry OS into a touch screen UI so the user experience is kludgy. The HTC phones have been getting a lot of good press with the Gadget news sites. There are a few people here that use them and swear by them. Don't know the model names...

    The Blackberry Curve now has been around for a while and is still getting the nod as the Blackberry that really does the job right and is reasonably priced.

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    I love love love my Htc touch diamond. (No rogers reception where I am either, so, there was no iphone comparison though).

    If you aren't very technical and just want your phone to be a phone I don't recommend the windows mobile smartphones though.


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    I'm on my third Curve, and really love them. I have absolutely no complaints at all. In fact, I don't even mind the web browser. It works well enough for me to type this message!


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    How about the Nokia E71?
    I'm uncertain if it's available on the Telus network.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Sushi ya ha View Post
    Just lost my Blackberry pearl. I liked it and some of the features, BUT the piece of poop would never ring more than 2 times, So I always had it on my seat so I can catch the calls.
    Don't know if you tried, but on fido, you can use some kind of code (call them and ask for it) which increases the set number of rings your phone will ring before going to voicemail. You can set it to 6 or 8 rings maximum I think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpideRider View Post
    How about the Nokia E71?
    I'm uncertain if it's available on the Telus network.
    The E71 is a GSM phone, won't work w/ Telus.
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    I've got a Storm. Great phone; I like everything about it. Of course if you're used to the physical keyboard the touch screen one might bug you.

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    It wouldn't ring more than twice? You must have had it set like that .... My pearl is awesome. Pick up a new one and it has gps too. The curve is nice but i find the keys to be too small for faster typing.
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