Man Catches Fire At Gas Station
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Thread: Man Catches Fire At Gas Station

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    bro, do you even ride in a straight line? #1 asshole

    Man Catches Fire At Gas Station


    The manager of the gas station said the victim's friend said they had been joking around, and then moments later, there was an explosion.

    "He said his friend was just messing around, and evidently struck a match, and that's when everything blew up," said Phillip Butler, general manager at the Chevron gas station.

    Cashier Benjamin Gonzalez said as soon as he saw the fire, he ran out, pulled the nozzle out of the pump and doused the whole thing with water.

    "By the time I got there, the guy was on fire, running around all crazy," said Gonzales.

    It was Gonzalez' first week on the job.

    He admitted he was a little scared.

    "I didn't want the whole thing going on fire, don't want an explosion in here, you know," said Gonzalez.

    Also on the video, you can see the driver who had been pumping gas run from the pump as soon as the SUV caught fire. Moments later, the driver ran back to the car to rescue a baby from the back seat. A woman in the car was also seen jumping out the back window to escape the flames.

    "Thank God they pulled the kid out in time," said Vanessa Nuno, a gas station employee who witnessed the incident.

    Chandler police did not return calls for comment.

    The mother of the victim said Monday night her son suffered burns to 20-percent of his body. She said he was in critical but stable condition.

    No one else was seriously hurt.

    She also said her son was home on leave from Iraq, and asked doctors how soon he could return to be with his unit.

    Gas station employees said the incident underscores the dangers of gasoline. Even fumes can catch fire.

    "One spark, that's enough to blow up everything," said Gonzalez.

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    Gas station employees said the incident underscores the dangers of gasoline. Even fumes can catch fire.
    ONLY fumes can catch fire ....

    Lets pull out a lighter shall we?
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    If you're gonna play with fire at a gas station, at least have some fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by denham View Post
    If you're gonna play with fire at a gas station, at least have some fun.
    That's a serious reposte but a goodie

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    Wow, apparently the guy in the first vid has never heard of "stop drop and roll". He was more like "Flame on! I'm a super-hero! Lookit me runnin'".

    Even the static from filling a jerry can on the back of your truck will cause a nice fireball.

    Always, always, put your jerry cans on the ground before filling!
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