peg leg today..a bit late but...
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Thread: peg leg today..a bit late but...

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    peg leg today..a bit late but...

    directions on the other thread.(thx trevor)

    gonna head out at 11 ride till iam tired,the river is non existant out there right now so its perfect as theres a huge amount of ground to cover.probly be a gongshow out there but o well kids get seat time.i have a white f150 done with bigtop powersports decals.

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    Went to Peg for the first time today, didn't even think to look for anyone.

    MASSIVE place to ride... open gravel, some nice tree trails, great jumping (watched white yamaha [i think yammy] 250 2-stroke hit probably 120feet long on a jump).

    Only downside was seeing a parked ambulance next to an accident ( I believe an accident ) with its lights off, everybody idle around it. Then the police and fire marshal came in... dunno what happened, looked like a bad scene.

    When does the river flood the area ??

    Also, gong show today... 300 people easily.
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    The river rises with mountain snow melt in the spring and rains in the fall. You can get access to Peg for quite a bit of the year but it can be broken up.

    This site is good for an access indicator

    Before the dredging this year, I know you could access from 3.6m and lower. Possibly higher but I don't know for sure. I couldn't tell you if the new work changed anything.
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