Where can I go to get my fairing cracks fixed?
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Thread: Where can I go to get my fairing cracks fixed?

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    Where can I go to get my fairing cracks fixed?

    Hi there, I have a 2000 red/black 250 ninja and need to get some cracks fixed in the fairing. Does anyone know of a good place, thats not overly expensive, but still does a good job about it? Thank you so much!

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    I think windbell motorcycles in north van does minor fairing repair. Or you can do it yourself "plastic weld from crap tire works well and I have heard you can disolve scap abs plastic into acetone and make your own liquid plastic that bonds really well
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    Bike FX does repairs and re-pint and he matches like no one else. Look up Bike FX on this website for his contact info. His name is Leedam.
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    Most bikers do their own fixes and have a pro spray the paint, if you are up to it buy the book "How to repair plastic bodywork @ Whitehorse gear.com as it states very clearly how this is done. I just did my CBR with a full re-paint to the tune of $800. most of which is wrapped up in the paint. Just remember that you need to use epoxies not fiberglass. If you just need to tie things back together JBweld works as well as anything.

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    Bring it to me - give you a deal just pass my name on..
    BTW don't listen to anyone here about jb weld/ plastic weld 2 part epoxies and on and on.. Nothing works you have to melt the plastic back into its original form and mold it back as one. And yes i paint when i have the time to.

    Just did this f4i tail it, the tails tip was completely broken off, massive hole (no pieces), and cracks everywhere.
    Its good as new no before and after pictures on this one/ just after...

    I am repairing and painting a friends RC51 right now he tried jb weld the tail and it lasted 2 weeks. You spend money on paint and then 2 weeks later it busts again. You have to be kidding me!
    Just get it done proper plastic welding: Means melting the plastic and basically welding it back together

    Only one other guy i know that paints bikes and does this type of work (plastic welding) and the reason i started doing it because he was always too busy to work on my stuff..
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