Anyone planning a ride this month?
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Thread: Anyone planning a ride this month?

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    Anyone planning a ride this month?

    If weather is good anyone planning a ride this month other than this friday (or saturday. Fight in cloverdale cant miss). Im thinking a weekend. My bikes not insured so if a small group of people are into some sort of 1/4, 1/2, or almost full day of riding it wouldnt be hard to Persuade me to get one day insurance on my crotch rocket. It would have to be a nice day though.

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    sure.... No need to twist my arm....
    This week alone looks great...
    The next 2 weekends suck for me... but after that should look better.
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    OH YEAH!
    today look great.....but got colder for some reason.....but the sun is out, that's all I care about.
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