FS/FT: my unwanted dvd titles
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Thread: FS/FT: my unwanted dvd titles

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    FS/FT: my unwanted dvd titles

    Okay, yes, i know they're not the greatest titles in the world... but they were part of those multi movie packaged deals.

    SO this is what i have that i want to get rid of:

    Naked Gun
    Jin Roh (japanese anime)
    Fulltime Killers (some japanese and chinese collaboration movie)

    It's either 8 bucks each, 12 bucks for two or 22 bucks for all four.

    good deal if you pick up all 4, something to watch on a rainy day, same price as renting, but you get to keep the copy too

    I've watched most of them only once, 1 of them maybe 2 or 3 times.

    I'm also willing to trade, and if what you have is desirable enough, i'm willing to trade all 4 of mine for one of yours.
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