Question for anyone with an RC51 (SP1)?
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Thread: Question for anyone with an RC51 (SP1)?

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    Question for anyone with an RC51 (SP1)?

    I’m rebuilding one which I bought as a damaged repairable. It seems to do some strange things electrically and I’d like to compare with an original bike. Mine has a Power Commander, which may or may not be affecting the configuration.
    Here’s the “problems”?
    The battery will slowly drain when switched off (including KILL switch in the OFF position) – power is going somewhere, but I can’t find where just yet.
    With the ignition switch OFF, and the Kill switch ON, the fuel pump is powered up. I would expect the fuel pump to only work with the ignition switch ON.
    Can I come and look at someone’s similar model RC to see if it acts the same?

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    I can't help you with the bike compare and I'm no electrical expert but for what it's worth, every single time I've ever experienced: motorcycle + strange + electrical, the answer was always = bad ground. You just need to find out which one....

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    I'd offer, but mines modified for racing, and is not in stock form whatsoever. I also have a PCII in mine and it does not exhibit the same behavior. The fuel pump only comes on when the ignition switch is on as well as the kill switch off. I'd say that someone has been playing with the wiring in the starter switch. A lot of bikes (HRC kit, 929, rc51, etc) use the same starter assembly, but with very different pinouts. Get an RC51 wiring diagram and color code it correctly in the starter button assembly first, then go from there.
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