Gyms in (uggg...) Langley?
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Thread: Gyms in (uggg...) Langley?

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    Gyms in (uggg...) Langley?

    The appeal of living at/near UBC now eludes me. Granted, summer's are typically great, what with the opportunities to view the minimally-clothed 50-60 years young male bodies on Wreck Beach and accident-inducing ones of the female variety along Cornwall. The price of admission, however, is simply too steep, especially after you tie yourself down to a single 'mate' - the elevated rent associated with the aforementioned viewership isn't really justified when you can get some action on a regular (is 'monthly' considered regular?) basis. As such, the low cost of living in the suburban, megatownhousecomplexes of Langley start to make sense. My now-diminuitive appearing Civic, compared to the masses of 'jacked-up' domestic muscle, kinda makes me question my manhood, and my membership at the UBC gym expires this month.

    Basically, I need a new gym in Langley. I hate committments and contracts - the only reason I'm even in a relationship that has lasted longer than the time it takes to put my clothes back on is because this chick is within walking distance, so I don't have to pay for gas when I feel the need to seed. There's absolutely no way I'm going to sign a year-long contract for a gym if there's any way I can avoid it. I've seen a Fitness World and Golds' on 200th that are pretty close, but I hate how they have salesdouches that sit you down and waste your time before springing you with the massive annual fee, joining cost, monthly cost, and try to sign you with some "platinum" membershit that includes Bikram Yoga classes twice a week and some kind of nutrition plan that you'll never follow anyway. Are there any community centers or something around that have decent equipment? Or smaller, private gyms that I haven't seen online?

    I figure some of you guys are from this hell-hole and must go to the gym on a somewhat regular basis and have some advice, even if only to show off your sweet tribal tattoo's and the melanoma-inducing tan you got at work raking pavement, or roofing, or something...

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    I used to have a membership at the big warehouse like place just down from the bypass. I think it's called Fitness Unlimited. Total ghetto place with old school equipment and chalk full of langley losers. It gets the job done but it's a hole.

    I'd go to the new Gold's on 200th. It's got a pool and everything.
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    If you pop into Walnut Grove they have a recreation center that has a gym and a nice large pool (waterslide and all). No contracts necessary. I haven't been for a couple years, but I can't imagine the admission price would be above 5 bucks.

    *edit... It's also beside a high school..... Hint hint... wink wink... cough cough.... you know.... young chicks....
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    there is also a rec center/wave pool on Fraser hwy across from the hospital (224th ish) you can buy a swipe card and pay as you go or do the monthly thing it's up to you. It is older though and I haven't been there in a long time so I can't say what the equipment is like.

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    I've checked the "Rec" centres in Langley and not one has a squat rack so if your serious about working out I wouldn't bother. Unless of course you only bench and curl like most of the pussies in most gyms........

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    You could steal a shopping cart from Safeway and join the Cracker head shopping cart races on 56th ave membership fee...just the odd tasering.
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    Fitness Unlimited on Logan Ave. is a pretty decent place. You can do the monthly thing with no contract. Mon-Thur open 24 hours. Thur to Sun, open 5am-8pm. Then there is always Reflex, right in where A&B Sound was under the overpass.

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    None right now...
    While i live in Langley, I work up at SFU so I use the pool up there for my exercise. The view is great there year-round!
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    if you get a pass at pass at the Langley Township rec centers you can use them at any of the three locations:
    Wc Blair Pool (222nd and Fraser)
    Walnut Grove Rec center. (88th and Walnut grove dr (209th))
    Langley township building (203 and 65th) no pool

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    Im up at Golds...pretty sick gym...
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