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Thread: Mike Bruce?

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    Mike Bruce?

    Found on Craigslist...

    Sadly, Mike Bruce of Carter Motorsports fame has passed away from complications from surgery. He had a tumor removed from his colon (that turned out to be benign) however, after surgery he devolved an infection. He lost organs in the 6 or more operations needed to attempt to save him. He remained in a drug induced coma for the last month unaware that if he had survived, he'd have had a very rude awakening regarding his current state. He did not survive and passed away from fluid in his lungs early yesterday morning.

    How in this day and age do so many people die from infections from surgery? Why will The Royal Columbian Hospital nor the doctors not be held responsible? Unfortunate events are to be expected, but it is very clear that surgery complications are far too common as evidenced in the news.

    I hope that this sad event of this friend of many in and out of the motorcycle world makes headlines and that the hospitals can make the changes needed to reduce this risk as soon as possible.

    Mike will be missed!

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    Very sad indeed. It is said that infection is the biggest concern.
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    Very sad news.
    There seem to be a lot of superbug infections at RCH.
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    put aside your issues with where he worked - he was a good man and will be missed and what an awful way to pass on. heartfelt wishes to those on here who worked with him and those that have dealt with him over the years as customers of his. he will be sorely missed.

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    my condolences..

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    Very sad - he was a great friend of the local riding (and racing) community. He always contributed to any fundraising request - he will be missed by many.

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    That is too bad. Mike was very kind to me on a number of occasions when I first started getting into riding. He will be missed...

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    Best wishes to his family

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    My condolences.
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    Condolences to Mike and his family.

    I worked for Mike for a season and know that he will be missed.

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    A sad day for me indeed, Mike was a good guy. I enjoyed his company over a cold beer, and when I was doing my events, Mike could always be counted on for help.
    RIP Mike, you had a good ride, just too damn short.
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    RIP Mike, thanks for the laughs Bro.

    Mike's death is an outrage, clean up our hospitals with trained, dependable people and equipment, before more innocent people suffer.

    Enjoy that Hi-way to heaven Mike, we know that for you, it'll be one quick ride.

    God Bless You and Yours.
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    I wouldn't automatically assume it's the hospitals fault .....
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    Truly a sad day. Godspeed Mike.

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    A truly sad day. I only had a couple of dealings with Mike and he seemed to be not only a great guy but a very level headed dude. As buddy says, he was always ready to step up to the plate in any fund raising situation. He will be missed. 2 thumbs up to Mike Bruce.
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