Hey gang, I'm sure a few of you if not a lot of you know my friend/client Graham Street. He's a BC Safety Council instructor and a hell of a nice guy. Anyway Graham lost his father 10 years ago to cancer and has been raising funds for the cause since. At present they train bicycling 200 kms per week in antcipation of the ride to survive. We at Cassells Insurance are setting up a fund box at our office so please check out his website and please, if your driving by or pop into our office please give a donation. I'm sure you don't have to look far to find someone who has been touched by this horrible disease.

Thanks Paul

The following is the email I received from Graham on April 2nd along with some links.

Thanks so much to everyone who has donated to Ride2survive so far. There's only 10 weeks left until ride day now. Training is up to 200kms per week. We ride with the names of those we ride in support of, and in memory of, written on our arms and legs where we can see them, and remember why we are there. Our ride jerseys have the names of 160 people on them, cancer surviviors, and those that have fallen to it's ravages.
Between last year's ride and this year's, two more of the names I'll be writing have gone from "In support of" to "In memory of"...

If you were considering donating but have not got around to it yet, this is your reminder. Please help, no amount is too small, it all makes a difference. I also have raffle tickets at $5 a pop - grand prize is a 46" Plasma TV - EVERY PENNY goes to Cancer research...

Please donate online here: http://fvr.kintera.org/street

Learn more about the ride here: http://www.teamcoastalcycling.com/di...s/ride2survive

Pedaling-15 hours...Riding 400km...Climbing 12,000ft...Beating Cancer - Priceless! RIDE2SURVIVE

Our ride day covers 400 kilometers over 12,000 vertical feet of mountainous terrain. We leave from Kelowna at 4:00am and we will arrive back in Delta at about 10:00pm that same night after 18 hours out on the road, having completed likely the most grueling bicycle ride of our lives. The majority of these riders are NOT professional athletes. Some of the riders won't make it. Some will need a helping hand to find the strength of will to carry on. There will be pain, and tears of anguish and frustration. For some of us, our body will just say "enough" and there will be nothing more to give. Those that DO make it will have to dig deep for reserves of strength and willpower they didn't know they had, just to somehow get through that one day, and keep the wheels turning....

We can't help those with Cancer without donations. Our ride means nothing without the money it raises. Last year, 60 riders raised over $200,000 ($250k I think) and EVERY PENNY went to research. This year if the 5th annual Ride2Survive and we have 100 riders and even higher aspirations. Won't you help us make a difference?