First time checking valve shim clearances...
I have a '04 GS500F
Basically everything went according to "plan"
Except for ONE bucket, the exhaust valve, it won't spin!

Well, not easily. Every other one is fine and I can turn them by hand, but this one will barely shift. I have to use a lot of pressure on a screwdriver to move it. I can't turn it around to get the shim out because there is too much resistance.

Help?! It is not because the cam is pressing down on the shim - I checked the clearance and it has too much clearance (.09mm, but should be less than .08mm). Not sure why the bucket is not turning. It moves up and down just fine though.

Do I have to get the cam lobe off somehow, or ...? how do I rig something to spin it around???

THANKS! Almost there... like 8 hours later, over 3 days, jeez.