runny noses and fogged visors
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Thread: runny noses and fogged visors

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    runny noses and fogged visors

    I recently started using my helmet with a pinlock visor system that does a ridiculously great job of preventing fogging.
    You can actually leave the visor completely closed at stoplights when it's like 4 degrees out with zero fogging.
    In fact you could pretty much never open the visor again and it would likely have no fogging.
    The awesome part that I didn't expect when I bought this is that leaving it down keeps your whole face warmer and pretty much eliminates the runny nose bit too. (I get a runny nose from the cold really easily)
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    In my early days I've used pinlock and they are exceptional (better then the adhesive ones).

    The only reason that I haven't recently is that the pinlock visor is stratched up and the insert is no longer pressed tightly against the visor leaving a gap that fogs up in-between that doesn't unfog since it is now trapped.

    Two things to note:
    1. don't store and carry a second insert (you can buy a dark, colored or an iridium insert) in the original cardboard plastic wrap. I carried around a dark insert wrapped around my body so that I can alternate between light and dark depending on the lighting. The cardboard causes tiny light speckles, which isn't immediately noticiable but refracts lights in an odd way at night. So if you have a second one, wrap in a soft micro fibre cloth before carrying it around.
    2. don't wash it. This one was frustrating as over time the insert is semi sticky and starts to accumulate dust. Out of frustration, I washed the insert with soap and water. I am still not sure if this is the cause of the final degradation of the insert.


    Over time the insert will no longer maintain the tight cohesion with the visor, so the insert will need to be replaced.

    The visor becomes scratched which is slightly more costly to replace then a simple visor.

    I had bought at least 3 sets of pinlock with both clear and dark inserts, over the last 3 years and found them to be invaluable during the cold and raining season; of course my problem wasn't just the fogging, it was my damn windshield wiper (gloves) that was wetter then my visor

    Anyways, I have long since reverted back to normal visors and have decided not to ride in the cold, rain or snow.

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