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[B]BONUS TAG - 5 points

Saturday 900 AM start time

This will be a good run, and a full day... in a scavenger hunt setting

Person with the most points will get the 5 point bonus tag

It will be open to everyone including the mods as no one will have an advantage
All BCSBers are welcome to participate!!

If your new to Motorcycle Tag this would be areally good way to get into the game , start off with a bang and 5 points!!

Due to House moving our illustrious leader will be unable to post the rules of the game; therefore I will act as his partner in crime and do the deed.

As of 9 am tomorrow morning you'll want to be logged onto BCSB, your bike full of gas, gear ready (on if your really crazy ) and google maps warmed up.

And then its Game on!!!