Ad for stolen bike - is this for real??
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Thread: Ad for stolen bike - is this for real??

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    Ad for stolen bike - is this for real??

    Stolen 2000 Suzuki DRZ400s - $4200 (Surrey)

    Stolen April 18th 2000 Suzuki DRZ400s, VIN JS1SK43A0Y2100107, Blue & White, Exhaust done & Rejetted, Skid plate, New rear tire - stock, Kickstand cable conector under seat has been cut and wires crossed, aftermarket rear light assembly, Scorpion sticker on tail fender, 8,900 kms. Owned by student with no comprehensive

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    It's stolen
    Here's the CPIC result:

    Search Vehicle VIN

    This page allows you to search the entire national database of over 185,000 stolen vehicles and 485,000 articles.
    The vehicle records in this database are updated every day and the property files are updated every Tuesday morning. Even if you get a positive response to your search, it does not mean the item is stolen. The items status should be confirmed with your local police.

    Possible stolen vehicle. Please contact your local police service for confirmation

    Request for confirmation if an item is stolen or information on the item's proprietor cannot be processed by the webmaster of this site and must be made through your local police.
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    i dont get it.
    is he selling it or wants people to find it?
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    shoot an email with offer and find out.

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    I'd say he wants people to keep an eye out ... but i don't get why there's a price?
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    Probably because that section of CL has a 'price' field, and he wrote the declared value thinking it was a mandatory field? I'm sure it's a "Please watch for stolen bike" ad.
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    sold :/
    Im guessing it was stolen, recovered, but damaged, and now he wants to sell it. why he says he has no insurance.

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