Importing a bike from Alberta
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Thread: Importing a bike from Alberta

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    Importing a bike from Alberta


    I'm trying to import this bike that's originally from AB, and it's never been registered in BC. I'm hearing conflicting stories on what I need to do:

    1. Some say I need to run it through some sort of inspection check (for cars, I know Canadian Tire does this), before it can be registered. If that's the case, where can I do this check and for how much?

    2. Others say all I need is for a Autoplan agent to physically look at the bike and double check the VIN and I'm good to good to go on the road. Do you guys know of any broker in the Vancouver downtown area that's bike friendly? Most brokers don't seem to know jack about bikes.

    Which one is the real deal?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    I brought my SV in from Alberta last summer and had the same question. Here's what I had to do.

    You'll need to get a "binder of insurance" from your local broker before you pick up the bike, if you're intending on riding it back or want coverage while hauling it. You'll have to have the VIN to do this.

    When you get to Alberta to pick up the bike, you'll need to hit a Registry office to get a temp permit. If I remember correctly, it's only good for 7 or 10 days, and ICBC may tell you that it's only valid to get the bike from Alberta to your home address, so try to get your BC coverage taken care of ASAP.

    You will need to bring the bike to your local broker, unless you're lucky enough to use a mobile service, as they do indeed need to verify the VIN. They don't seem to care about much else on the bike, just the VIN as there's been some problems with duplicate VIN's showing up in BC in the past.

    As long as things check out, you're good to go after that. Just be sure to have a clear bill of sale to show your broker, as Alberta Registries just requires the seller to sign a portion of their registration as a bill of sale. The agent I dealt with said that there isn't enough info on those to please ICBC, and had to call the Registry office I'd used in Calgary to verify the info, which apparently they're not really supposed to do.

    Sorry for the long post, but I figured I may as well give all the info for anyone who's in need!

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