Product Review: Knox 7 Plate Aeigis Back Protector
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Thread: Product Review: Knox 7 Plate Aeigis Back Protector

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    Product Review: Knox 7 Plate Aeigis Back Protector

    Just purchased this back protector from TopEndz last week, and went for my first ride with it today.

    First 10 minutes or so toodling around town I was thinking it was gonna be a rough ride, as my A* leather one piece suit is soooo snug without the back protector, but after a few minutes of riding it felt like all my 'bits' were settling in nicely so decided to go for a jaunt from Port Alberni down to Parksville Beack (about 120km round trip, 40 minute ride each way).

    Hit the highway and did a few skootches around on the seat to allow my armour and such on the suit to shift to where its comfortable (suit is about 2 years old now and well-ridden in) and hit the road.

    Got to Parksville Beach and was pleasantly surprised that once I got going, I didn't even notice the back protector. It gave me that feeling of comfort actually, knowing that I am now FULLY geared up, and my back is well protected. Opened up the suit, tugged the waist strap down a little bit and was good to go for the boot back to Port Alberni.

    Aside from the leather being a bit taut over my mid section due to the bulk of the back protector, I find it so far, to be a GREAT investment. Am glad I went with the Knox, and the salesman who I was corresponding with from TopEndz gave me top notch fitment advice, and guessed at which plate-number would work for me, and he was bang on. It fits inside the suit BARELY, but I bought the suit skin-tight for the track to begin with, the shoulder straps and waist straps are adjustable, and very very comfortable in all aspects.

    Once getting going, aside from the suit being a bit more taut in places, could barely tell the difference. The Aegis so far seems to be quite breathable, and the neoprene-like padding on the underside of it doesn't have any pressure points or any spots to make me notice I have a huge turtle-shell like object strapped onto my back. It is also quite flexible. When it came in the box it looked totally flat and as though it would be pretty uncomfortable, but when I took it off after the ride today and hung it up with my other gear, I noticed that the plates have somewhat held a form, 'cambered' if you will to the shape of my back. A few hours later I tried it on and it still had this molded-like feel to it which is nice.

    All in all I'm very happy with the product and would HIGHLY reccomend this particular Knox back protector.

    Oh and for the ladies or short torso'd riders, I stand at about 5'4" and again, the salesman took a guess at what my torso length would be and the 7 plate is perfect. The top sits at the 'nape' of my neck, or base of my cervical spine, and the bottom of the back protector (by his description) sits a few inches from the top of my butt crack/tail bone, where it should be.

    Two thumbs up for the Knox Aegis 7 plate back protector!
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    LOL and you were so worried. I love my Knox Contour Race.
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    Yea I find the Knox line very comfortable and form fitting as well. I used the sizing chart online and had Tania measure my back as per the directions, the protector fits great. I also picked up the chest protector and aside from feeling a bit think- ok thicker... - it gives a sense of protection.

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