Checking your tire regularly actually is a good idea
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Thread: Checking your tire regularly actually is a good idea

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    Checking your tire regularly actually is a good idea

    Took a piece of metal out of my rear (tire) today. Not buried deep, mind you.
    Checking the tires actually pays off. Who would have thought it?
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    When I ride to work I check them twice a day...once before leaving work and again when I get home.
    Thats only cuz of how much riding on the shoulder I do.
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    I was out in Chilliwack today, visiting my mom at her new place. Couldn't find it, and ended up having to make a couple U turns. I turned frpom Yale Rd onto Prest Rd, and moved to the shoulder to make my U turn. Wasn't I surprised to see about 14 million fucking nails on the shoulder!

    At that point, it was too late to do anything except ride through them, swearing inside my helmet. Got to moms, and checked both tires. Not a single nail. I'm a lucky boy!

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