Helmet, Gloves, Jacket For Sale
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    Helmet, Gloves, Jacket For Sale

    Hey guys Im re-advertising my gear..this time with pics of MY gear. I have a Yellow and black HJC CL-12 Helmet with sum neat graphics, a pair of red, black and white teknic silverstone gloves, and a Dark grey, yellow and silver Spyke leather jacket. I need to get rid of the gear to get sum matching blue/white gear for my bike. ALL my gear is in WICKED condition. Nothing older than 6 months. None of the gear is damaged, or scuffed or ripped.

    HJC CL-12 Helmet - $180 obo (Medium)

    Teknic Silverstone Gloves - $90 obo (Small)

    SPYKE Leathers - $390 obo (46)

    PM me and leave me ur e-mail or message or e-mail me at superpilot320@hotmail.com and I'll send you some pics. Thanx

    BTW for those who've tried PM'ing me, my box was full.oops..anyways I cleared it out so PM away.
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