when to do an oil change?
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Thread: when to do an oil change?

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    when to do an oil change?

    so i bought my 2007 GSXR 750 last week. it has 5700 kilometers on it. the guy said the servicing has been done recently, but doesn't have records because he did it himself. the chain looks clean and everything, but im worries about the oil. how do i check to see if i need an oil change?

    Any help is appreciated

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    Considering the cost of an oil change, just do it. That way you know. If there's no records, assume it hasn't been done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sky View Post
    Considering the cost of an oil change, just do it. That way you know. If there's no records, assume it hasn't been done.
    The only way to check if it needs it is to take an oil sample and send it off to a lab to have it tested for viscocity and additive stability. This test is generally around $150US plus shipping and can take up to 8 weeks for a return report. Several US car places can handle the sample for you. I think it's easier just to spend the $40-$60 and have someone do it or buy the oil and filter and do it yourself. Yep.....assume it hasn't been done.
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    Yup, just do a quick oil change, peace of mind, and then you know where you're starting from.
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    ^^^^Yup. do the oil change...Consider it part of the bonding process to your new bike.
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    Weekly ... no daily... how about at noon. Save your money; change it when the manufacturers says to , with quality oil. The drain intervals are based conservatively upon the oils' ability to carry contamination; it will lubricate for longer. relax. Your bike won't die because of oil unless you let it lose oil pressure 'cause its all gone. PS OK to do more often if it makes you feel good. Just don't spend your food money
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