WMRC Creates RPM Supermoto Class, 1st Race Sun, May 3/09
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Thread: WMRC Creates RPM Supermoto Class, 1st Race Sun, May 3/09

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    WMRC Creates RPM Supermoto Class, 1st Race Sun, May 3/09

    Hello RPM Members,

    I am writing to you to remind you or inform you of an opportunity to try racing at Mission Raceway, courtesy of the WMRC (Westwood Motorcycle Racing Club). www.wmrc.ca

    In an effort to bring Supermoto Bikes back to WMRC Racing. The WMRC has created a new class, RPM Supermoto Class. Supermoto bikes have always been welcome to race against the sport bikes. Troy and I have been doing that for years. However, in order to do that. Bikes, rider, and gear must meet WMRC tech specifications. Find that info hereÖ


    WMRC is making it SIMPLE for RPM members to enter the RPM Supermoto class. For this class and this class only, WMRC is using RPMís Rider, Bike, and Gear requirements as the minimum for entering this class.

    That means if you are legal for RPM events you are legal for the WMRC RPM Supermoto class. This class only.

    As well as that, they are waiving the following:

    - WMRC race license is NOT required ( saves you about $130-150 buck). Make sure to bring your RPM lic.

    - Ambulance fee is waived $ 25

    - Late reg fee waived .( if you donít pre reg with WMRC there is a late fee of $ 50 charged at the track)

    - Fees. WMRC is charging the same as RPM charges for its first class $ 60

    - No transponder required

    - Keep in mind you will be charged $10 gate fee. Anyone, racer, spectator, sponsor, everyone pays this

    IMPORTANT: One thing the WMRC cannot waive is the sound restriction of 88db. It is a track rule. Not a club rule. Please donít complain about it, just work with it and come have fun with us. Here are some things that we use to pass:

    - Repack you exhaust with quality packing (donít use crap, I have and it blows out after a couple sessions then you are back to repacking)
    - Have a machine gun silencer fabricated specifically for your bike. Ours were made by
    Mike @ Custom Metal Craft 604-468-7702. Unit # F, 1681 Langan Ave, Poco. Or any machine shop of your choice. Hank from Arrow Machine Works 604-240-4914 (one of RPMís sponsors can also do the work for you. But I know Hank is working out of town at this time.


    Itís awesome that the WMRC is removing some of its tech requirements for us to try mission raceway. Here are some of my recommendations that are recommendations only. As a note my bike and Gear are to WMRC rulebook specs as me and Troy will be racing against the sport bikes also in 4 classes.

    Anyway, my recommendations:

    1. Road Race Helmet. See WMRC rulebook for specs
    2. Machine gun silencer. Will definitely reduce your db reading
    3. Hard shell back protector
    4. Belly pan, this is no longer required for bikes under 450cc as per WMRC rulebook. But in event of an engine blowup, it will contain some oil. Plus itís a great place for highlighting your sponsors. When the bike is leaned over in corners the belly is front and centre in pictures. We have some in the trailer. One size fits all. Again compliments of Hank at Arrow Machine works $90.


    In order to help with the sound issue and to pacify concerns about running our bikes down the long straight away at mission. We will be creating a chicane part way down the front straight. This will stop us from running by the sound meter on the rev limiter, plus giving the crowds some exciting slides right in front of the grand stands. Yes the WMRC gets crowds. Come race in front of them and promote our RPM series at the same time.

    I hope to see RPM represented at Mission this weekend. We always look forward to tormenting the sport bikes with our Supermotos. Hopefully you will develop the same addiction.

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    Very well said Gio! I hope to see a lot of you guys out there!
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