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    Trip Planning Software - 4 Corners

    Has anyone used trip planning software to work out the details of a lengthy backroad bike trip? Microsoft Streets and Trips got good reviews on the net.

    Also I might try to get as far as 4 Corners, using as few interstates as possible? Is a return trip unreasonable in 10 days?


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    You're a little vague here. What is it that you want the software to accomplish, exactly? You want it to replace maps or tell you where hotels are? I dunno, "Streets & Trips" & "backroads" sounds like an oxymoron. But what do I know?

    As for if it's doable in 10 days, I'd say yes unless you plan on a lot of single tracking. Again one persons idea of a 'backroad' could be wildly different from someone elses...

    When are you going? I'd had dreams of the Valley of the Gods for a while now...

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