Friday May 1st
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    Friday May 1st

    CANCELLED due to lack of response. I'm going back to sleep.

    Who is up for a ride? I'm looking for something shortish and sweet (2-4 hours).
    West Van to Squamish for lunch? Maybe on to Whistler if everyone wants to. I'm also open to other suggestions if no one wants to try the new highway to squamton.

    I'm only going to go if I get some replies, I won't just be sitting and hoping someone didn't reply but planned on coming.

    Meet at the church at Taylor way in West van at 11.


    Time: 11am meeting, 11:15 departure
    Where:Church off the taylor way exit from the highway. Take the exit, go straight through the light to get back on the highway but take the right after the intersection. You'll see the church.
    Destination: Squamish (anyone have a better idea?)
    Reason: I want to ride, and nothing is better than riding for my second
    Pace: Fun in the twisties and slow in the straights. I can't afford to get a ticket.

    Come gassed up and ready to go.
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