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    hello, i have a 2007 GSXR 750, im just wondering which gas is ok for the bike. i know that obviously, the most expensive gas is the best for any vehicle. i am just wondering if there is much difference between gas brands? like supreme for chevron is 92 octane, and regular is 87 octane. where as husky and mohawk have their regular gas at 90 octane. Is it ok to use the husky or mohawk brand? which octane is ok? i have been using spreme (92 octane) and supreme plus from chevron. thanks.

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    check you owners manual. lol that being said I had a 96 f3 and it ran better on 92 then 94 it would spit and sputter on 94 and pull 2nd gear wheels on the freeway on 92
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    the highest octane is not always the best gas. bikes and cars now a days are tuned for certain octanes of fuel in terms of timing and mapping so whatver your manual says, use it. i run 87 in mine. the Mohawk and Husky 90 is an ethanol blend which is why they start at 90 rather then 87.
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    I think this place is worse than even Revscene for these kind of questions.

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    They often say that there is no such thing as a stupid question. I tend to disagree especially when there is a wonderful feature on here called the search function.

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