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    we should then ask the governments of the world to educate and feed our children for free to sustain the other cultures of the world.

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    [RANT] I think this video is faking ridiculous. It blatantly paints Islam as a problem and then it goes on to separate Caucasian fertility rates from the rest of the ethnic backgrounds. They're not talking about Christ here, it's about keeping their white populations up. I'm willing to bet that the Latino-Population they mentioned in America is a majority Christian population.

    This shit was produced to brainwash people and to create a fear of something that is ridiculous. Most Muslims I know are bright young individuals that positively contribute to Canadian society. The white man has been running the show for so long that these people are freaking out because in the future they might be a minority. Maybe when that happens they'll realize that we have more similarities than differences, regardless of religion or colour everyone's a human.

    It was these types of Christians that made life horrible for my grandparents when they first came here. It was these types of Christians that constantly put down my parents when they tried to climb up the social ladders at their workplaces. And it was these types of Christians that that told me I was going to hell at my graduation for not believing.

    That said, my best friend is Christian and I wish more religious people were as open minded as him. Talking to a Christian in Abbotsford, more times than not, is like talking to a brick wall. [/RANT]

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    well said

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    It's funny how ya'll hate each other over what is the correct way to worship the same god.
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    All I know is, there are some smoking hot brown chicks out there and I'd fuck the shit out of them regardless what any "save the white race" folks think.
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    I find this video amusing as he touches on the core of this whole phenomenon when he discussion the latino population, but conveniently or ignorantly overlooks the relationship between education/standard of living and fertility rates.

    He doesn't touch on the growth rates in China (pre-one-child-policy) or India and education levels, but that's understandable as he's concerned about preserving the 'christian' nature of Europe/NA. Even looking at Europe, I think if we gave the immigrant communities a generation to lay roots and the children to have high levels of education, I'd imagine the Muslim fertility rate to mimic current western rates.

    And finally, I didn't initially realize the christian angle to it until the end, i figured it was simply xenophobia not bigotry. So I was generally pretty neutral to it all until at the end the guy said basically... 'christians: pop out babies!!', as I had so far figured that a general trend of reduction in population is good just from a sustainability point of view.

    IF anybody wants a related semi-thought provoking articles about our state of affairs:

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    I would like to see where they got their "facts" from.
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