Seriously, have any of you checked out the deals you can get on a new bike right now?

Call the Honda Centre, they have new (with full warrantee) 2007 600RRs for cheap.

or a Burnaby Kawi 2008 NEW ZX10R for $9000.

There are still 08 sv650s', Ninja 650r's and ER6N's around for around $7000 new.

Why would anyone even waste their time calling about a 5 year old 20,000 km machine with a scuff on the side that's listed for $2000 less than you paid for it? Or worse, you're asking more than a Carter Motorsports used bike. WTF?

So, before I get a load of angry emails... I know, I know... you're just trying to get as much as you can... but at least go into a few motorcycle shops or look on the internet to see what you can get new for close to the same money.

If I have to spend time sorting through countless overpriced ads and hostile (who shall remain nameless) people on the phone, I think it's only fair you have to put up with my short rant.