i live in Victoria, BC and i have a 2000 R6, it's integra championship white with a 2001-2002 tail-light conversion... it also has frame slidders and the front and back forks are lowered 1.5 inchs... the links were changed... i have a spare tail fairing and a couple carbon-fibre parts(engine cover and the two airducts)... the bike has been serviced in Calgary AB and was bought back to Victoria, BC... the bike is in good mechanical shape... the only thing it needs done is the left fairing with is a bit cracked and maybe needs another oil change since it was riding back from Calgary... the bike has 50000km... i have 2 cars and this bike and i find that i dont need it really since i have 2 commute cars for me to drive... I'M TRYING TO GET A QUICK SALE FROM THIS - $$$ 4500

you can reach me at my email: suomy80@hotmail.com or
my cell: 250-885-8584
name's KEVIN

ask for PICS if you wanna see it!!! i dont know how to post pictures of my bike on here... sorry for the inconvienience!!!