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    It's coming ....

    London Begins Testing GPS Technology that Regulates Driving Speed

    Jeremy Korzeniewski
    Wednesday, May 13, 2009

    Transport for London has just begun testing a new technology that will artificially limit the top speeds of taxis, buses and government fleet vehicles. Called Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA), the system will keep track of speed limits all over London and will prevent operators from accelerating past that legal limit. The device is capable of slowing the vehicle down regardless of the driverís wishes.

    Alternatively, the system can be switched into an advisory mode that simply informs the driver when the speed limit has been reached. If these tests prove successful, itís likely that the ISA technology will be made available within the next 12 months to private motorists that wish to limit the top speed of their personal vehicles. So far, thereís no indication that the government will mandate the use of the ISA system.

    Itís hoped that a large number of drivers will choose to equip their vehicles with the ISA technology. Transport for London believes that both accidents and road congestion would be drastically reduced, which would also have the desirable effect of reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

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    Accidents will be reduced? Yeah, having even more people floating around at 10-20 under the flow of traffic will be good thing, right?
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    What would the police do without the cash cow of speed enforcement!!

    Good luck having that pass as a universal system in North America.

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    That's ridiculous, might as well make all cars with small hp and 100 km/h speed limiters
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    How did Johny get into a head on collision with that semi?

    Well, you see, he was trying to pass a driver who was driving to slow for the conditions and his ISA kicked in mid pass and held him back until the semi smashed his brains all over the trunk of his car.

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