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    Another Crash

    My friend Rob, who rides or should i say did ride a Triumph Sprint RS, got hit by a taxi. I just got the details, he is ok, but apparantly this taxi driver wasn't look and ran right into him. His bike is more than likely written off. Good thing is he had 6 witnesses and a cop that said it was the taxi's fault.

    It just goes to show, it doesn't matter how safe a rider you are, there is always and idiot in a cage to watch out for.

    The problem I have with this is that they report it as a motorcycle accident, and don't mention that it was caused by the car. So statistically it shows another motorcycle accident, which is more ammunition for ICBC to charge us more for insurance.

    If they would realse proper stats, then you would find that motorcycle rates should go down, because the majority of motorcycle accidents are caused by cagers.

    Anyway, it is early and enough ranting. Just be carful on the roads.
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    Sorry to hear it man, but its good to hear your buddys okay.

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    Man I hate retarded cagers.. especially those that are supposed "professional" drivers..

    Glad to hear your bud is alright. Thats the most important thing..


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    Good to hear your buddy is ok, but that fact about it being called a motorcycle accident really sucks. I never realized that even if it is the cagers fault it gets recorded under a motorcycle. Your right, that is really what is causing insurance rates to remain high and give riders a bad name. Damn!

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    Glad to hear that Rob is OK, that kind of stuff just gets me angry

    I dunno about the rates thing though, I think a good portion of why bike insurance is so expensive is the rediculous amount of money we pay for comprehensive coverage. Although I can't really knock ICBC about that...bikes ARE really easy to steal.

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    they shouldnt even be called pro. drivers.

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