Alpinestars S-MX5 waterproof vs TCX Airtech Gore-tex?
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Thread: Alpinestars S-MX5 waterproof vs TCX Airtech Gore-tex?

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    Alpinestars S-MX5 waterproof vs TCX Airtech Gore-tex?

    I'd really appreciate any feedback you can offer on the decision I face regarding new boots.

    I commute about 30 miles/day (round trip), 9 months of the year.

    I have an 03 VFR w/ABS.

    I don't go to track days.

    I don't wear leathers (armoured textile).

    I ride frequently in downpours, so waterproof is important.

    I have fairly wide feet (not so wide I have to buy special shoes, though). Yesterday I tried on some Sidis ($485) that were very narrow and too long.

    I am replacing Alpinestars Ridge "waterproof" [sic] boots that are falling apart after six months and leak.

    I want protected, dry feet.

    So... which set of boots do I buy? Or should I buy some other non-Gore-Tex boots and a set of Treds?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    If I remember right, the S-MX5 aren't GoreTex and as a result your feet will get warm and sweaty in the summer. I have some JR waterproof boots that aren't GoreTex and after slipping my feet in some GoreTex boots I regretted my purchase. A few of our hot days this spring and I've already had SWAS-foot style. They've kept me pretty dry though even standing in puddles of water all day out at autocross.

    I think you're pretty safe if you get some well protected GoreTex boots, you can basically go year-round.

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    I have relatively wide feet, and had to try on a full size larger in the SMX boots to fit me, which left too much wiggle room in length...ironically, I found the Sidi's to fit better.
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    Good affordable boot you can actually walk around in all day.. and waterproof
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    1. get whatever boots you think work well for you based on protection.

    2. get goretex socks (to go over your regular socks)
    only use as needed

    (replaceable whenever required, even when boots are still good. option to not use them, like in the heat)
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    Its like most everything else, no one product does it all.
    I have a pair of joe rocket boots with the gortex like liner.
    They work great in cooler weather and have good enough protection for what I do.
    They are not the most comfortable for waking distances and do get hot went warm out.
    A cooler boot (non gortex) with some sort of slip on rain protection is an option

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