A group of engineers and a group of physicists were travelling to a conference by train. The physicists go first to the counter to pick up their tickets. The engineers just snicker at them and proceed to chip in a few cents each to buy one ticket.

Intrigued, one of the physicists goes up to the engineers and asks them what they are going to do when the conductor asks them for their tickets. An engineer replies, “you’ll see.” So later on the train when the conductor starts to make his rounds the engineers all proceed to cram into the bathroom. The conductor knocks on the door saying “ticket please.” The engineers then slide their one ticket under the door.

They arrive and the conference takes place without event. On the return trip the physicists decide that they should be clever too, so they buy one ticket. The engineers snicker once again, and board the train without a ticket. So with a few giggles the physicists all pile into the bathroom and wait. Upon seeing this one of the engineers goes up to the door and knocks saying, “ticket please!”


There was a farmer with an area of land for his cattle that needed a new fence. Not wishing to design the fence himself he consultsa couple of local experts, an engineer and a mathematician.

The engineer says no problem, this should be easy and sets to work. First he crunches the numbers to optimize strength per material cost, researches past succesful fence designs, does a study on how much pushing force a cow can exert, and comes up with a sturdy yet simple design. The farmer is quite impressed with his work, and he doubts that the mathematitcian could top the fine job done by the engineer.

Then comes the mathematicians turn. With a smirk on his face, he walks into the middle of one of the farmers fields and builds a circular fence enclosure three feet in diameter and stands in the middle. At this point the farmer is just scratching his head, it wasn't even the right field. Confused, he approaches the circle with the mathematician in the centre and askes him how the heck this he is going to keep his herd of cattle inside the fence. Simple, he says, I declare myself to be outside the fence and therefore everything else must be inside!