Man Builds World’s First Fully Solar-Powered Motorcycle
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Thread: Man Builds World’s First Fully Solar-Powered Motorcycle

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    Man Builds World’s First Fully Solar-Powered Motorcycle

    Richard Gryzch has built what he claims is the world’s first fully sun-powered electric motorbike.

    A project that has taken him more than two years. In fact, to finance building the bike Cryzch sold his other motorbikes and even a house.

    Story Here:

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    Pretty awesome -- not what what I was expecting when I clicked the link (a good thing).

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    To bad we live in BC , not california ...............rain today tapering off to showers this evening and heavy cloud with scattered showers thru sunday , but for the 17 days a year we do have of sunshine it would save some bucks at the pump.............
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    It's a cool idea, but people complain about a 3-4 hour charge time (about what it takes to charge a similar bike from a 15-amp wall outlet), The charge time even from REALLY GOOD panels and full sunlight would be an entire day or more, assuming the pack was empty. Actually, almost certainly more. There's not much panel area on that bike, and not all of it is facing the same direction.

    Either he has an onboard charger/garage-sized solar array he didn't mention, or I have bad news about his marketing dreams.

    Still, very cool project, and if he does get it to 300 miles, I'm buying him a case of beer and stealing his design

    In fact, to finance building the bike Cryzch sold his other motorbikes and even a house.

    I know exactly how he feels :P

    PS, There are batteries in there; there's no way he runs this off the panels in real time. The power requirements are way, WAAAAY more than that amount of panels can supply. They could maybe run the headlights.
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    In reality that's a battery powered bike.
    It has barely any solar panel surface area, and even fewer are pointing skyward. The charge time would be a week at least.

    Compare it to a real solar powered vehicle (and even those are running an energy deficit a lot of the time).

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    looks like a good way to waste some money.

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